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We can assist you in the developments of your own solutions under MATLAB by the creation of a individual technical support.

  • Help you in the developments of your application and make you more productive using MATLAB.

  • Understand error messages and fix false behaviors of your applications.

  • Improve the performances and the robutness of your programs.

  • Save time in the achievement of your project.

For the new developments and for your own applications, the engineers of O.De.Sim offer their assistance.


  • Programming file (methods, algorithm, flowchart, ...).
  • Validation guide (test cases, references results, ...).
  • User's guide.
  • Manual for user's training.
  • Management of the modifications and users needs.
  • Technical support:

  • Creation of an advice line (phone/email).
  • On-site training.
  • Architecture and programming help.
  • Porting and updating:

    Leaving this actions to an external service provider, you can concentrate on your core business and be confident on the quality of your software updating.

    O.De.Sim is a member of the Mathworks Connections Program for the developments under MATLAB®. More informations on this page.