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O.De.Sim can justify many successes in creating MATLAB applications:

  • Develop custom software integrating new research methods.
  • Prepare architecture and storage for an application.
  • Analyze the performance of existing programs and improve them significantly (execution time reduced till 95%).
  • Add tests in programs and make the applications more robusts.
  • Import data from finite element codes (NASTRAN, CAST3M, Abaqus, PERMAS, ANSYS ...), and drive the finite elements codes.
  • Create custom post-processings, organize and display results.
  • Help researchers to finalize their methods by testing thier solutions.

For a fully use of our custom developments, we offer additional services: user's guide, training, technical support.

The engineers of O.De.Sim have written thousands of m-files and they have worked in the mechanics domain for more than 15 years (vibrations, acoustics...).

They can also help you for your developments with DMAP/NASTRAN, Python for Abaqus ODB reading, PCL/Patran, ...

O.De.Sim is a member of the Mathworks Connections Program for the developments under MATLAB®. More informations on this page.