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Fortified by its expertise in modeling and numerical simulation, O.De.Sim has developed analysis tools dedicated to the watchmaking industry:

  • Analysis of hairsprings: computation of time error and isochronism, forces on pivots, follow-up of the center of mass, consideration of the position in the gravity field, ...

  • O.De.Sound: software for the analysis of alarm watches, sound synthesis for draft studies, simulation and analysis of minut repeater ...

This softwares are developed by O.De.Sim, you can contact us for more informations or for a demonstration.

Our skill in modeling and numerical simulation and our high comprehension of the limits relative to the watchmaking industry (dimensions, high precision in measures, environmental constraints ...), allow us to justify of an expertise in:

  • Isochronism of the couple balance wheel-hairspring.

  • Isochronism et efficiency of the escapement systems (Swiss anchor escapement, whirls, ...).

  • Acoustics, alarm watch, minute repeater, ...

  • Compensation of temperature variations.

  • Complex strip springs.

  • Energy and barrels.

An expert in modeling can help you with the utmost secrecy to develop your new projects of watches in the high watchmaking domain, integrating novel complications.